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Pebby: An Advanced Smartball That Babysits Your Pet

Pebby An advanced smartball that babysits your pet

Pets are not just domestic animals we keep for our entertainment. Pets are a part of our families. They are probably the most loved member of any family. Making sure your furry family members has everything it needs is just part of loving them every day. Pebby makes sure your pets are never alone at home. With the help of it, you can track, monitor, and play with your pet from anywhere in the world. Continue reading

HP Sprocket Photo Printer: Now Print Your Selfies With This New Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Photo Printer
Any photos that we click on our digital cameras, stay either in the camera or an SD card. Or are dumped in a folder somewhere on our PCs. Like with any other digital cameras, most of the photos that you take with your phone never make their way into print. That’s a shame. Because your photos are meant to be seen. They are not clicked just to live in a gadget’s memory. Continue reading